Clean Games internship

The Clean Games internship will be held in St. Petersburg on 23-26 April 2020. The aim o fthe events is to learn how to hold an ecological game. 

Clean Games is an international environmental project that empowers people to see the problems of environmental pollution through the game. Participants compete in cleaning and sorting of garbage in the contaminated area. All results and rating of participants during the game is reflected online in a special mobile application that allows to make the process more interactive. The project has already covered 17 countries. The Baltic Clean Cup, to be held on 19 September 2020 in cooperation with Lets Do it. All countries which are on the Baltic Sea coast will take part in it. 

Clean Games make people more involved in environmental volunteering. The competitive style creates fun incentives to collect more garbage. Participants are taught separate waste collection, creating a new culture of environmental responsibility. 

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The costs of accommodation, meals and a cultural program will be covered by St. Petersburg. 

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Anna Kupryakova