COVID-19: Jūrmala Municipality aid measures for inhabitants

Jūrmala City Council has approved aid measures for its inhabitants, who are affected by the impact of the state of emergency. Priority of the municipality is provision of support to groups of population with low-income, the poor or those in a crisis.


  • ALL CHILDREN FROM POOR AND LOW-INCOME FAMILIES: The municipality delivers hot meals to all children in poor and low-income families, who cannot have lunch at educational institutions. The municipality intends to ensure delivery of food for preparation of lunch for children in such families until the end of the state of emergency. 54 families with over 100 children in total are receiving such support.
  •  LARGE FAMILIES: The municipality provides food packages worth 50 euro to large families in Jūrmala once in every three weeks.
  • PERSONS RECEIVING THE CARE AT HOME SERVICE: Inhabitants of Jūrmala, who have been assigned the care at home service by the municipality, are provided with food packages worth 35 euro once a week.
  • INHABITANTS WITH A LABORATORY-CONFIRMED DIAGNOSIS OF COVID-19 OR IN SELF-ISOLATION: Once a week food packages worth 35 euro are delivered to inhabitants of Jūrmala with a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 or in self-isolation (if they have been determined as Covid-19 infectious disease contact persons), who have no support with the delivery of food from members of family and have no means to purchase food. Once a week food packages worth 35 euro are also provided to persons from Covid-19 infection risk group based on a medical opinion issued by a health professional, if these persons have no support from family members with the delivery of food and have no means to purchase food.
  • THE POOREST: The municipality ensures delivery of the aid package from the Fund for European Aid for the Most Deprived to people, who are in self isolation (in quarantine at home) or have a laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19 and have no possibility to receive help with the delivery of food from relatives.

Budget of the municipality

The municipality has allocated additional funds in the amount of 70 thousand euro for the delivery of food packages. Additional funding has also been assigned to Health Centre Kauguri (municipal limited liability company “Kauguru veselības centrs”) in the amount of 5000 euro for disinfectants and protective equipment. Changes have been made to Jūrmala Hospital (limited liability company “Jūrmalas slimnīca”) budget financing for year 2020, allocating 15 000 euro for the purchase of protective equipment for medical personnel and 26 600 euro for the purchase of a ventilator breathing apparatus with humidifier.

Volunteer assistance movement operates in Jūrmala

Volunteer movement #paliecmājās (#stayathome) has been created in Jūrmala. The movement offers help with the delivery of food and other goods to risk groups and people in self-isolation or quarantine; it also invites people, who need help, to apply for it.

Inhabitants are welcome to join, if they satisfy such requirements as age 16+, good health condition etc., and to print out and place posters in their neighbourhood, share information about the movement to provide together assistance to people, who need it. Any advice on how to better reach people in need of help at this time is welcome.
Any person can receive assistance from #paliecmājās either calling by phone 25661991 or visiting the home page

Recent measures

In the meeting of April 23, it was decided by the deputies of Jūrmala City Council to provide additional support to companies and residents of the city.

School catering service providers and companies with active immovable property or land lease agreements with Jūrmala City Council will be fully or partially released from lease payments. Businesses operating in the territory of Jūrmala municipality and working in sectors experiencing a significant decline of the financial situation due to the spread of Covid-19 will be released from lease payments starting from March 12 until the end of the emergency situation. The reduction in lease payments will be applied according to the reduction percentage of the merchant’s economic activity revenue, but not exceeding 90% of the lease fee specified in the lease contract.

Support for large families during the emergency situation will be increased. From now on, more than 350 large families in Jūrmala can receive food packages provided by the local government more often and in larger quantities, based on the number of children in the family.

Crisis benefit of 153 euros per family member to residents facing a crisis situation will be granted. Residents who are facing a crisis during the emergency situation and cannot provide for their basic needs due to losing their source of income will also be able to apply for the benefit. Based on situation evaluation, a benefit of 153 euros per family member will be granted during the emergency situation declared in the country, and one month after the end of the emergency situation.