Creative industries and small production are welcome to Cēsis

Cēsis encourages small business in creative industries and also small production (with less pollution).

The companies in the city look for markets not only in Baltic Sea region but lot of them – in the whole world. The municipality has its grant programme for small business that help establish and contribute to several dozen of new companies or products each year.

The cultural, sport and education institutions want to establish exchange with similar institutions in other UBC member cities.

Cēsis offers expertise in civic participation. There are few projects that run every year, e.g. citizens’ forum, neighborhood meetings. The city welcomes expertise in participation budgeting, participation planning etc.

Cēsis can share experiences in initiatives for youth, there are great and substantial youth organizations in the city.

The municipality would like to get some expertise in the topics:
- Sports. Way how to efficiently administrate sport complex.
- City planning. How to establish participative city planning.
- Entrepreneurship. Ways how does municipality can help to develop business in town.

More information: Aleksandrs Abramovs,