CREST project Multiplier Event was held in Gdańsk and online

CREST project Multiplier Event took place on 7.11.22 in Gdańsk as well as online.

The aim of this Erasmus+ project - Creative Repurposing of Educational Spaces for Innovative Student-centred Environments is to address the challenges of higher education institutions in the processes of re-purposing of educational buildings and spaces.

The event was opened by Paweł Żaboklicki, UBC Secretary General. Krystyna Wróblewska moderated the event.

The leader of the project, prof. dr. Tomaž Deželan, University of Ljubljana introduced the CREST project and methodology.

Marko Paunovic, Out of the Box International, presented the CREST project results, and Tautvydas Bokmot from Xwhy, informed about Xwhy CREST project output.

In the second part, the local speakers from Gdańsk and Gdynia focused on the role of public authorities in designing and implementing participatory processes of repurposing of public buildings and spaces and what are the needs of municipalities. 

Dr. eng. arch. Paulina Szewczyk, Chair of the UBC Planning Cities Commission, Gdynia made a presentation on how the results and experiences from the project can be transferred to the local level and be used to enhance the cooperation between local public authorities and higher education institutions. Mrs Szewczyk presented the cases from the UBC member cities: Umeå, Gotland, Riga and Karlskrona.

Prof. dr hab. eng. arch. Piotr Lorens, City Architect, City Hall of Gdańsk and Gdańsk University of Technology in his presentation focused on the role of public authorities in designing and planning the public spaces.

The theme of the presentation made by dr. eng. arch. Anna Fikus-Wójcik, City of Gdańsk Development Office was Local spaces in Gdańsk – the role of social participation. Mrs Fikus-Wójcik introduced the method and examples of implementation.

At the end, dr. eng. arch. Anna Golędzinowska, City Councillor, informed about Gdańsk case study: Dom Zdrojowy and Hevelianum Centre as a an example for managing "difficult" existing infrastructure in the city.

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