Cross-border Public Services (CPS) Survey invitation

ESPON, the EU cooperation programme, and the Association of European Border Regions invite to participate in a survey on the Cross-border Public Services (CPS).

This survey is not about cross-border cooperation in itself, but about cross-border public services. Examples are:
- Joint public transport services by bus, rail and ferries
- Joint facilities or steady cooperation in the field of culture and cultural heritage
- Joint day-to-day healthcare and hospital care
- Schools with joint education, steady cooperation between schools and public authorities for facilitating the exchange/mobility of pupils and teachers
- Joint information and advice services facilitating the mobility of workers on the cross-border labour market and their access to neighbouring social insurance systems
- Joint digital service infrastructures and digital public services (incl. e-Government)
- Joint management of national parks, natural reserves, nature parks, landscape parks or conservation areas and geo-parks
- Joint treatment of solid waste and of sewage water, joint drinking water provision
- Joint flooding management
- Joint services providing advice to all citizens on cross-border matters and/or facilitating the administrative handling of “cross-border life events” of citizens
More fields and categories of CPS are listed in the survey.
The results of this survey are scheduled for publication in November 2018 and will be shared with all respondents.
For answering the survey you may select 7 different EU languages (English, German, French, Slovenian, Portuguese, Danish and Spanish). The survey will be open until 28. March 2018. All responses will be kept confidential.
Click here to answer the survey: CPS Survey

If you do not operate CPS yourself, please enter the contact details of operators in your area.