Cultural Cities Commission calls for the next meeting host

Rūta Stepanovaitė, a culture manager from Kaunas, Lithuania with a background in visual arts, is a new Cultural Cities Commission chair. She is also the head of Kaunas Artists’ House (KAH) in Lithuania, an institution with a history of 46 years, and counting. The Commission invites to cooperation and is looking now for a host of the next Commission's meeting. The proposals should be sent until 10 August 2018.

Some objectives to promote during future collaborations:
- creating and implementing monitoring and evaluation tools of urban cultural and creative activities. Making the collected data measurable at quantitative and qualitative levels and available to public;
- fostering accessibility of cultural products and facilities for people with hearing and visual impairment, encouraging their participation and engagement in cultural life;   
- increasing the prestige of the profession of culture manager, strengthening the relevant legal base and encouraging training/exchange programs with an aim to improve capabilities of culture managers across Baltic cities.

Some aims for the future: 
- creating strategic relationships between past/present/future European Capitals of Culture, based on experience exchange;
- creating strategic relationships between cities with annual Gallery Weekends/Art Weeks/Art Fairs;
- rethinking possible ways of repurposing historic/heritage/non-heritage buildings into contemporary art/culture spaces.

Rūta Stepanovaitė is open for other suggestions.

UBC CCC Steering Committee:

There are now 5 steering committee/advisory board members who are contributing to the more efficient work of the Comission: Jaana Simula, Czesław Zdrojewski, Külli Hansen, Radosław Krajewicz and Rūta Stepanovaitė. During the past few months the Committee had several online conferences where the possible further activity of the Commission was discussed. The Steering Committee would kindly welcome new members at any time.  

Questionnaire for the UBC CCC members

The Committee prepared a questionnaire for the representatives of the member cities. The questionnaire is created with an aim to know the members and their needs better, also to ascertain the possible collaboration between each other and stakeholders. 
Please fill out the online document below until 10 August 2018: 
The information will be open and available to other members of UBC in the future and will be used as a tool for more efficient collaboration. 

The general meeting of UBC CCC

In the meantime, The Committee is working on planning an annual meeting of UBC CCC, that should be held in September/October 2018. An open call is hereby announced to the member cities that would be able to host the event this year. The working meeting should take place up to 2 days, part of the programme preferably could be devoted to get know the local art and culture scene. The suggestions are welcome until 10 August 2018. 

More information:
Rūta Stepanovaitė
+370 61183444

Member city: