Don't be a zebra!

PILOT Rostock is a strategy that should gradually show Rostock's citizens the way out of the COVID-19 crisis and back to a normal life.

The strategy is based on our AHA hygiene rules (“Abstand, Hygiene, Alltagsmaske” meaning “distance, hygiene, mask”), sensible testing approach and monitoring of incidences. Vaccination is gradually being offered to our citizens following priority rules. Rostock has also supplied a digital lucaApp to facilitate contact tracking in order to detect chains of infection.

Rostock’s traditional and symbolic number Seven is reflected in our strategy - we have identified seven fields of action:
Act together! - We act regionally and in a coordinated manner.

  • Enable education! - We are opening schools and day-care centres with a uniform testing strategy.
  • Enable trade! - Retailers and restaurants have prepared very good hygiene concepts and they use lucaApp.
  • Enable joy! - Zoos, parks, museums, theatre as well as sports grounds, like our soccer stadium Ostseestadion, can again be opened for a gradually increasing number of visitors, lucaApp also helps here.
  • Go new ways! – In cooperation with our university, medical experts and the regional data protection officer, solutions are being developed to prevent the lockdown.
  • Gain experience! - The crisis teaches us to use our health system resources more effectively and encourages us to develop meaningful digital tools.
  • Stay vigilant! - A colour system helps us all in tightly monitoring the epidemic situation. Careful action is always required.

Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen in spring 2021 to the citizens of Rostock: “If a lion would roam freely in the city, the streets would be empty and everyone would be extremely careful. But not all dangers are as visible as a wild predator. So let's all look after one another so that we can contain the virus as soon as possible. Don't be a shy zebra, be careful and smart and let us beat the lion!"

City of Rostock
Caption: Mayor Claus Ruhe Madsen and Zoo Director Udo Nagel (from right to left) presenting the campaign: Don't be a zebra!
Photo: Hans-Joachim Kloock, City of Rostock