Europeade 2017

26.07.2017 to 30.07.2017

Europeade is distinctly the largest annual celebration of folk culture in Europe. The five-day long event rolls out skilled and colourful shows from performance halls and stages to the streets and city squares. It is a celebration of folk music and dance for all ages, the meeting point of art and culture that brings European people together.

2017 marks the 54th anniversary of Europeade, a meeting that saw the daylight in Antwerp in 1964. Mon de Clopper, a Fleming who had a strong vision of a culturally broad-minded Europe, arranged the first event to celebrate traditional European songs and dances performed in traditional costumes. To honour de Clopper’s original dream the aim of the event even today is to promote mutual understanding, respect and ultimately friendship and solidarity between nations.

The philosophical idea of “unity in diversity” is backed up by event arrangements – Europeade travels around the Europe. Festivities are each year held in a different European city and the host for 2017 is Turku in southern Finland. Turku warmly welcomes the cheerful folk musicians and dancers and hopes to attract tens of thousands of spectators to participate in the celebrations during July 26-30 2017.

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And what makes the heart beat the fastest?
The experience of seeing and hearing something of beauty, the feeling of living in a time of eternal spring,

new blossoming.
The kingdom that our ancient evening song bequeaths to the peoples of this continent.

– Mon de Clopper, founder of Europeade –