Exchange for All report launched

Young people from Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Sweden were involved in the project

"Exchange for All" project report launched

University College Zealand launched report on international youth-exchanges and its positive impacts.

As a part of the EU-funded project ”Exchanges for All”, which is coordinated by CultHus, the culture-houses of Nykoebing F, Guldborgsund, DK in cooperation with schools around the South Baltic Sea, researchers from University College Zealand (UCZ) have now launched the report ”International Exchanges as a Learning Tool”.
The questionnaires were, twice, send to 150 young 8th grade students from Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Guldborgsund in Denmark who took part in 3 parallel projects around in June last year.
The learning outcomes in focus were:

• Foreign language speaking
• Knowledge about other countries
• Understanding of democracy and human rights
• Personal development
• Art‐based learning
• Inclusion and motivation of young people

Important knowledge about other countries
− First and foremost, the quantitative and qualitative research data indicate that the investigated international youth exchanges have a significant and positive impact on the students’ knowledge of other countries. This appears to be quite an essential result of an Erasmus-funded project, but, above all, it fully accords with current trends and policies on internationalization, both in general terms and specifically in educational terms, the report states.

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