Future Place Leadership invites the UBC members to cooperate

Future Place Leadership invites the UBC members cities to participate in two events that take up the questions of attractiveness, investment promotion, effective collaboration.

Business Attraction Management (18–19 October 2017 in Stockholm)

The purpose of this training programme for cities and regions is to provide the necessary tools and strategies for business attraction – collected from real-life best practice cases to inspire the stakeholders.
Business Attraction Management is a new approach to meet the challenges facing place-based investment promotion for cities and regions – at a time when innovation and entrepreneurship is high on the agenda.

Change leadership for place attractiveness (15–16 November 2017 in Oslo) 

How do you lead and manage the ecosystem of different place stakeholders to improve the attractiveness of the place? The training programme is based on a combination of hands-on, inspirational case and strategy presentations, interactive discussions, case assignments and guest speakers.

A special offer for UBC members only! 

Get -40% of the original price for these two trainings. Quote UBC_OFFER when signing up. Valid until end of June!

Future Place Leadership (former Tendensor International) is the Stockholm based Nordic management consultancy specialising in the development, innovation and marketing of places. It offers four types of services: inspiration to start new place-based initiatives, analysis, strategy and execution.

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Business Attraction Management for Cities and Regions
Change Management for Places