G. Petkevičaitė – Bitė Remembrance Medal “Serve Lithuania“ Award Ceremony


G. Petkevičaitė – Bitė Remembrance  Medal “Serve Lithuania“ Award Ceremony

On the initiative of the Municipality of Panevėžys City, the Parliament of Lithuania established the award of G. Petkevičaitė – Bitė Remembrance  Medal “Serve Lithuania“.

The medal encourages the society of Lithuania and the community of foreign Lithuanians to work for the benefits of the state, to present and express positive ideas helping to mature the citizenship of the society, national and cultural awareness. Each year, the awards in five categories are given for citizenship initiatives in strengthening the state, philanthropic activities (especially the encouragement and support of young creators), spreading volunteering culture in Lithuania, cherishing and promotion of Parliamentarian traditions, journalism of public importance.