Game of Power – Reformation in Finland

17.02.2017 to 04.03.2018

Gustav Vasa became King of Sweden in 1523 and started the Reformation.  The Reformation was the first move in a political and religious game of power that transformed the kingdom over the next 100 years

The Game of Power exhibition introduces the cultural transformation in the post-Reformation era, focusing on the effects of each monarch. What were the motives behind the Reformation? How did people feel about the Catholic heritage? How were the changes brought by the Reformation reflected in everyday life? What was the role of popular belief in the officially Lutheran kingdom and what happened at the turn of the 17th century when the atmosphere became tenser? Visit the exhibition to find out!

The exhibition is part of the Reformation Jubilee 2017, which celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Exhibition is produced by the Museum Centre of Turku. In cooperation with the Turku Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (TUCEMEMS).

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