Get inspired in Växjö

Växjö is open for new investments and there is a framework of business support organisations available to provide assistance to different types of ventures. (Företagsfabriken, ALMI, Coompanion, Macken, Drivhuset, Videum Science park). IT is high on the agenda for Växjö, there is also a strive to encourage sustainable technologies and social enterprises.
The city would be interested in cooperation with partners from the Baltic Sea Region if there are particular proposals (that can be funded). Being sister cities Växjö and Kaunas has initiated discussions for Växjö to contribute with a couple of cultural events during 2022 when Kaunas is the  European Cultural Capital.
Växjö has substantial technical expertise in areas such as: civic participation, initiatives for youth, refugees integration, gender equality, sports, environment, city planning, safety issues, entrepreneurship in a city. At present we have project cooperation with three countries (Kosovo, South Africa and Vietnam) and does also have professional technical exchanges with Canada and 15 Nordic cities. The international exchange is seen as a mean of capacity development. We share experiences (and learn from that) and bring in ideas and experiences from others. We would be most interested to increase the knowledge exchange in the Baltic Sea Region. Preferably, by getting joint projects where we can work together and get funding from external sources. Some of the key focus areas for Växjö are: sustainable cities development, climate change mitigation and adaption, energy efficiency, sustainable transports, lake restorations, eco-systems services, urban farming and immigration/integration and culture.
More information:
Bo Hjälmefjord, Växjö Municipality (general)
Fredrik Sandblad, Växjö Municipality (culture)
Stefan Uppman, Videum (business) 
Twitter: @Vaxjokommun