"The Hanseatic Way: a Musical Journey Through the Shared Past”

Vilnius based Early music ensemble Canto Fiorito in collaboration with Austrian ensemble Musica Antiqua Salzburg has developed original musical and educational project  "The Hanseatic Way: a Musical Journey Through the Shared Past” which presents music by composers of XVI-XVII c. c. from the Hanseatic League countries, including Germany, Sweden, Poland, Latvia/Estonia and Lithuania.

The project "The Hanseatic Way"  is supported by the EU "Creative Europe" program and aims at raising wide audiences' interest in the Hanseatic League's history and cultural phenomena, and inclusion to cultural activities. Apart of concerts, supplementary activities like flash-mobs, public lectures and children’s art competitions are designed to engage citizens and young audiences. Out of 8 performances scheduled this year, 4 concerts and educational events will be presented in the UBC member cities, namely  Kaunas, Rostock, Tartu and Riga. 

“We believe that  musical  project "The Hanseatic Way" may enjoy interest of the UBC, since it aims at  promotion of history, culture and musical heritage of the Baltic sea region and is designed for wide audiences. We expect that  "The Hanseatic Way" will connect peoples and citizens through joint cultural experiences and participation, strengthen their mutual understanding, and contribute to development of creative partnership relations, networks and professional exchanges on individual and institutional levels.” says Gabija Čepulionytė, Project Manager.

UBC member cities are encouraged to present "The Hanseatic Way" project in festivals or other musical events taking place in the respective cities. 

For further information please contact management@cantofiorito.lt

Gabija Čepulionytė
Project manager
Tel: + 370 616 89507
E-mail: management@cantofiorito.lt