International Festival of Arts PLArTFORMA

12.09.2018 to 15.09.2018

The only interdisciplinary festival held in Klaipėda and in the West Lithuania, the main mission of which is to present a contemporary artistic expression of different countries and the joint creative happening. Representatives of modern dance and performance, a new circus and experimental theatre, new opera and multimedia projects, their groups are invited to participate in the festival. The title of the festival encodes two words: “platform” – the port’s commonly used means, and “art” – a reference to the international nature of the festival. This synthesis emphasises the uniqueness of the festival, its disposition for former territories of the port, various deck hangars and open spaces, thereby attracting the attention of artists and audience to creative ways of utilising unusual spaces. In 2013, the festival was named the best cultural event of the city; in 2015, it was awarded with label of European Festival Association „Europe for Festivals / Festivals for Europe“.

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