Invitation to participate and co-create the programme of UBC's General Conference in Växjö

“Leadership for the future – cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development"

UBC's XIV General Conference will be held on 24–27 October 2017 in Växjö, "The Greenest City in Europe". The main theme of the XIV UBC General Conference, which also celebrates UBC's 25th Anniversary, will be “Leadership for the future – cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development”.

The UBC calls upon all its Member Cities, Commissions and all other cities and partner organisations to join the General Conference, not only by participating but by co-creating the programme together. The draft programme outline (attached) contains many possibilities for interactive thematic meetings.

We also invite proposals for high-level speakers in the plenary session on “Leadership for the future – cities as leaders for glocal sustainable development” (Wednesday 25 October).

The proposals should reflect the main theme of the conference – the role of cities as leaders in development – as well as allow for interactive discussion.

Furthermore, UBC's Executive Board wants to emphasize the role of youth and listening to the voices of tomorrow. UBC's Youthful Cities Commission is planning a week-long event around the General Conference with young representatives from as many cities as possible. We encourage you to include youth representatives as speakers and panelists in your proposed workshops and round tables.

The proposals should be sent as soon as possible but latest by 18 April 2017 to the UBC Secretariat in Gdansk. Full invitation letter from the UBC President, draft outline of the General Conference as well as a form for the proposals are attached.

The formal invitation to the General Conference will be sent in the beginning of April.

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