It Is Necessary to Highlight Kaunas Colours

It Is Necessary to Highlight Kaunas Colours
Interview author Vaida Milkova (daily “Kauno diena”)
“We are spreading the mycelium of ambassadors to cover Kaunas as much as possible,” architect Audra Kaušpėdienė vividly explains her current occupation upon becoming a president of ambassadors “Kaunas 2022”.  

Architects as Mediators
Ambassadors of the project “Kaunas, European Capital of Culture” (or “Kaunas 2022”) are prominent artists and other actors of the cultural field disseminating information about the project, looking for the ways to enhance attractiveness of the city.

From among a group of 27 ambassadors, Mrs. Kaušpėdienė has been elected as president almost unanimously. Probably, upon discerning the ability characteristic for architects to find common ground with a variety of people, ambassadors entrusted a peculiar mediator’s role to her.

“Architects, as true mediators, have united the whole creative and not only creative community of the city since a long time ago. They are able and can find common ground. Maybe this is due to the fact that we, architects, simply must communicate, work in teams, prove the importance of our ideas; otherwise, we will not see them realised,” notes Mrs. Kaušpėdienė. According to her, the role of a mediator capable to unite fits architects very much.

It is symbolical that the president of ambassadors represents Kaunas architects since this community here is exceptional. “Our community has always been very vibrant and capable of maintaining friendly relationships among ourselves. This is not always the case with professional guilds as competition kills friendship”. According to Mrs. Kaušpėdienė, the Day of Architects celebrated in Kaunas on 1 July is a powerful phenomenon when architects go into the streets, display their works.

The president of ambassadors of the Kaunas European Capital of Culture is elected for one year. Until 2022, his annual role, like the most important objectives and works of the year, will change. In Mrs. Kaušpėdienė’s words, now one of the priority objectives is the designing and installation of the house or office for the project “Kaunas 2022” planned in the autumn. The former premises of Kaunas Tourist Information Centre (Laisvės al. 36) will have to change its robe. The terms of reference currently prepared for the interior tendering procedure could be best described by the word “contemporary”. The office for the project “Kaunas 2022” will currently become an important venue to login and make a KAUNtact,” the prominent architect is convinced.

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