Join the Baltic Clean Cup!

The UBC members are welcome to take part in the Clean Games Baltic Cup, that will be held in the Baltic Sea Region on 21 September 2019.

Baltic Clean Cup

On 21 September the Clean Games project will hold the first international tournament — Baltic Clean Cup. In one day, there will be several events in different countries with a total on-line rating. The tournament will be held in countries that have coastlines along the Baltic Sea. Already Clean Games have agreement from Russia, Estonia, Latvia, and Poland and you can join them to help. Also, the organizers are still looking for coordinators from Finland, German, Denmark, Lituania, and Sweden.

More about

Financial support

Clean Games won a grant from the Baltcf and they are ready to allocate 1,000 EUR for organizing and conducting the game (in total there is 10,000 EUR for 10 games). And if you are interested in the project, please contact Anna Kupryakova (project coordinator): to get general terms for the organizer and the copyright agreement. After signing the contract, a methodology for organizing the game will be sent and help at all stages of preparation will be provided.

Clean Games

Clean Games is a project that empowers people to see the problems of environmental pollution through the game. Participants compete in the cleaning and sorting litter in nature areas. The project has already covered 9 countries: Russia, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, Japan, China, Venezuela, and Kazakhstan. Clean Games make people more involved in environmental volunteering. The competitive style creates fun incentives to collect more litter. Participants are taught to separate waste collection, creating a new culture of environmental responsibility. 

The UBC supports this project.