Jūrmala is looking for a project partner in URBACT

Jūrmala is looking for project partners from European countries to build action planning network to change local policies regarding education, exchange knowledge and develop a Local Action Plan.
Jūrmala City Council has elaborated a project idea for URBACT programme regarding competence based learning approach in education. Action planning networks are formed for cities wishing to design an integrated and sustainable urban strategy and action plan. Local stakeholders, e.g. city planners, politicians, schools, institutions, NGOs etc. should be involved in elaborating Local Action Plans for each partner city.
More developed regions shall provide up to 30% co-financing in this programme; less developed regions shall provide 15% co-financing. Information about development categories available here: https://ec.europa.eu/regional_policy/sources/what/future/img/eligibility20142020.pdf
Jūrmala  is open for any ideas in this project that could lead to policy change in education. The project Lead Partner is not fixed, any suggestions are welcome if your city is interested to take this position.

More information about URBACT programme available here: https://urbact.eu/
If you are interested in participating in this network, please contact Jūrmala City Council Deputy Head of Project Unit Ieva Smildzina (ieva.smildzina@jurmala.lv; tel. +37126399342) not later than on 19 March 2019.

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