Kalmar County Museum wants to extend cooperation

Kalmar County Museum is a cultural heritage museum that in the programs wants to connect contemporary issues with local heritage. The museum is the office for Bridging Ages, an international organization on Applied Heritage and the Time Travel method. The museum has had international projects in about 20 countries all over the world on learning through history, learning and reflection on issues like migration, democracy, environment, gender, education. Finland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are part of the Bridging Ages organization, plus 20 other countries around the world. The Bridging Ages conference was held in Kalmar in 2016 and in Vaasa, Finland, in 2017. Tallinn, Estonia and Tukums, Latvia have also hosted the annual conference. The President of Bridging Ages has her office at the Regional Council of Ostrobotnia.
Kalmar County Museum has run several projects in Finland and the three Baltic countries. It would be of the Museum's interest to extend this cooperation to other countries and to other UBC cities and towns.

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