Kiel.Sailing.City. – Supporting the local economy

Covid-19 is an enormous challenge to all of our cities and we all have to make sure that our citizens stay as safe as possible and our healthcare systems are kept strong. Still, our local economy is extremely affected by the measures taken to reduce infection rates.

KIEL helps KIEL – Online platform

Therefore and amongst other measures – the City of Kiel has developed the online platform KIEL helps KIEL („KIEL hilft KIEL“) to support the local economy. KIEL helps KIEL promotes more than 300 local businesses like restaurants and shops, i.e. by promoting take-away and delivery services and make their websites more visible.

You can also find all economy-related initiatives within the city and region during the pandemia. For example, the local start-up brewery Lillebräu – together with many local restaurants and bars have initiated a special beer which is sold with the branding of your favourite gastronomic location in Kiel. All revenues are shared. The Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Schleswig-Holstein set up an initiative which motivates customers to waive the refunding of tickets, membership fees or other expenses.

The platform as well is an information tool for local entrepreneurs: latest information on funding opportunities, financial support programmes, health protection measures and labour law are available. In addition, you can find all relevant contact persons and institutions within the city who can guide your company through the crisis.

KIEL helps KIEL is initiated and managed by the City of Kiel, Kiel’s Business Development Agency KiWi GmbH and Kiel-Marketing, responsible for City Marketing and Tourism. Partners of the platform are i.e. the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Kiel, the Employment Agency and various branch associations.

What else?

The City of Kiel – together with its Business Development Agency – has initiated various additional measures to actively support its local economy:

  • Deferral or instalment of municipal trade taxes until December 2020
  • Deferral or instalment of municipal property rents
  • Daily telephone and mail service to provide expert consultation on funding opportunities or labour law or just guide entrepreneurs through the great amount of support services
  • Economy-friendly administration: the administration ensures that all business-related services can be offered without delay – despite prioritizations and limited administrational processes due to reduced opening hours, rotating working hours or home-office.
  • Task-force on economic affairs with members from all economy-related institutions within the city
  • Digital Round-table discussions with all branches: i.e. retail trade, gastronomy, hotel and tourism
  • Round-table discussion with (commercial) property owners or representatives to find solutions for severely affected tenants
  • Strong representation of interests of the local branches towards the State of Schleswig-Holstein and the national government


Wolfgang Schmidt
Cathrin Truckenbrodt
Photo: City of Kiel website