King of Lithuanian Mindaugas Coronation Day


Statehood Day is an annual public holiday in Lithuania celebrated on July 6 to commemorate the coronation in 1253 of Mindaugas as the only King of Lithuania.
July 6th - Day of the State (King of Lithuanian Mindaugas Coronation) - celebration of Lithuanian statehood traditions.

A little history of the origin of celebration:
1990 October 25 Supreme Council-Restorative Seimas on July 6th proclaimed a state holiday. Since then, the Day of the King of Lithuania (Coronation of Lithuania) has been celebrated.
1253 The bishop of Kulm, Henrik, crowned Lithuanian duke Mindaugas and his wife, Morta.  Prof. Edvardas Gudavičius set the exact date of the crown - 1253 July 6th.  Mindaugas Baptism (1251) and the Crown Ceremony (1253) enabled the young Lithuanian state to become part of the Latin medieval European political system of that time and legitimized the power of King Mindaugas, the sovereign European monarch. Although the Catholic Kingdom of Lithuania lived only 10 years, the most important achievement of King Mindaugas' military, political and diplomatic activities - the united state of Lithuania - survived, despite historical challenges.

Thus, on July 6th, the King of Lithuania's first united state ruler, King Duke Mindaugas, is celebrated as the King's Day. So on that day, we turn to the contradictory twists of history and remember the first and only king of Lithuania, Mindaugas, a personality who surpassed his epoch with political strategy, mentality, spiritual power…

Every year on this occasion,traditionally  the “National Song of the World” takes place in the St. John Valley, during which everyone is invited to sing the national anthem. Townspeople usually hear a festive concert to commemorate Mindaugas crowning day. Also have the opportunity to listen to various musical groups. Because King Mindaugas was a warrior, there is a desire to feel the spirit of the Middle Ages on a festive day. So rock bands are also invited to perform, and the fight of knights takes place. And the Fire show is impressive on late evening.