The last call for the UBC and partner cities to join an initial Design Event in Kaunas

Cultural Cities Commission calls UBC cities and their partners to join Kaunas DesignFest/2020, that will take place on 21-24 October 2020.

Nowadays, cultural mobility and collaboration are taking on ever new concepts that respond to the new reality. There are many questions about how to maintain the sustainability of different communities and how it should be implemented.
Today, no matter how we would like to avoid it, we face the reality of an unusual pandemic that forces us once again to rethink more strongly: how and where we live, work, regain physical and spiritual strength, communicate and maintain social relationships.
What power in this context does design hold and what is it capable of? What transformations are created by design practitioners and visionaries and what future are they designing today? How do they help solve problems, adapt to changing conditions, ensure security and communication between people?
What new solutions of the material and spatial environment are born in their ideas, projects, visions? Is it fiction from the future or the future in the present?

In search for the answers, the UBC Cultural Cities Commission, together with Kaunas 2022 Designing Happiness platform, is holding an open air exposition 'Co-Reality'. 

Therefore, the UBC CCC cities and their partners are invited to take part in the exhibition and present design (visual, performative etc.) objects that will become the part of the co-reality. 
This is the last call for participants and is open until 9 October 2020.

As physical participation and movement between the countries is restricted, we will invite the exhibits to Kaunas, Lithuania, to be sent (symbolically) by traditional post or other means.
Postage and other related costs will be covered.

Information about Kaunas DesignFest/2020 

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