Lighthouse Rally


The “Lighthouse Rally” brings curious, energetic, venturesome spectators and admirers of the beauty of Lithuania in late September. Every year, the event invites families and friends, colleagues and associates to start a new and meaningful tour across Western Lithuania.Participants traditionally start the rally at the oldest lighthouse in Lithuania – Klaipėda Lighthouse. A few minutes before the start, rally participants receive a reference road book with new and amusing tasks, which are possible to solve in the process of performance only – the Internet would not help.

Each time, a route of the “Lighthouse Rally” includes new cities and towns, places, important aspects of Lithuania’s history, personalities and monuments. Crews have to accomplish dozens of assignments, find encoded objects, and answer questions raised by the event organizers. At the finish, all participants of the “Lighthouse Rally” are traditionally welcome to food and drinks, educational activities, sporting events and awards.

The rally participants are informed about the finish place at the start only. A musical programme, creative workshops, sporting events, refreshments invite all the finishers. Results are scored and teams are awarded.

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