Liveable City Rakvere

As a municipality Rakvere is fast developing, innovative and green. Its optimal size make it comfortable and fosters good neighborhood relations. Many projects and sustainable initiatives make the city livable for all inhabitants.


"We are family friendly, says Andres Jaadla, Vice mayor of Rakvere, we have multiple playgrounds and parks, we have several daycare institutions for children younger than three years and different activities for children and mothers. City has a youth center for youngsters aged 7-26 and a day center for younger children, social center provides services for the elderly and people who are socially vulnerable. We have good healthcare possibilities – newly built first stage health center in the heart of the city and the county hospital is also located in the city. In city planning Rakvere is thinking about pedestrians from all age groups – we have promenades and all the streets are being renovated with wider pathways.

Rakvere wants to involve more members of the urban community to start thinking together about how is best to start moving towards a healthier living environment. After all, all the people living and working in Rakvere want our air and water to be clean, nature preserved and everyday life to be smooth and well-organized. The whole world is moving towards smarter and greener solutions. All the local governments in Estonia should think in the same direction".

Read more in the story by Andres Jaadla.