Looking into 2038 – how to become integrated cities and societies?

UBC Conference on Integration of New Citizens
“Sharing the European Dream”

12–14 March 2018, Rostock
Being a follow-up of the conference on the impact of the European refugee crisis in the Baltic cities, organized in Rostock in March 2016, the Union of the Baltic Cities’ (UBC) Conference on Integration "Sharing the European Dream" addressed the questions of the role of migration in the cities development. How should our cities be in twenty years? How to master the integration of new citizens as full members of the society? How to live, work and learn together to share the European dream?
During eight workshops, using modern analytical methods and equipped with the lessons of the past, the participants from the Baltic Sea region including migrants worked out new concepts. The conference was accompanied by examples of various cultural influences the newcomers bring to our cities.
– It is essential for local societies that old and new citizens learn to live together. In Rostock we will jump together into the time machine, and see what we can learn from each other to make the dream come true. We all want a high level of quality of life and to guarantee the future for our grandchildren, states President of the UBC Per Bødker Andersen.

During the conference in Rostock, all the participants were part of actively creating the reality of our well integrated societies for the year 2038.
– It is an honour for us that UBC chose to hold the follow-up conference of the UBC Migration Conference in Rostock as well. All actors of the local society have to work together to make integration a success. A harmonic society is a win-win situation for everybody. That is why it is so important that cities show and share their experiences, says Roland Methling, Mayor of the City of Rostock.

Participants shared their enthusiasm about the conference during the final session:

– “We got the chance to dream and hope and to focus on solutions, not only problems. I was very inspired.”
– “There is real added value in cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region.”
– “The core is the human, the one who is in the middle – we need to make 2038 more human-centered.
– “After this conference, I feel responsible to go into a new direction when I get home.”

– “We should discuss with people, not about them.”

The Conference participants had also a chance to listen to the Expat Philhamonic Orchestra from Rostock and to co-create a Ship of Tolerance project.

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