Mayor of Klaipėda District Municipality: Year 2020 – better or worse, but memorable

Interview with Mayor of Klaipėda District Municipality Bronius Markauskas

2020 will remain in everyone's memory first and foremost as COVID-19. We faced a problem that several generations did not have. And when you don’t know something, you certainly don’t know what to do and how to react. But I can assure, that we have focused, learned ourselves and helped our institutions to organize their work in quarantine conditions. Yes, the management of the pandemic required the efforts, time and financial resources of the responsible institutions, municipal administration and politicians, but with the concentration everything went smoothly enough - the processes in educational institutions did not stop, social services were provided, important and necessary projects were implemented in the district. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to this.

Last year was also sufficiently busy in implementing the strategic goals and objectives of this term. Council and committee meetings have moved to the online space, so decisions have not stopped, work is underway to ensure the normal lives of the people in the area.

We are probably the first municipality in Lithuania to start building a new school after many years. The building in Yakai is scheduled to be completed this year. We will build another school in Sendvaris also. We have already acquired the plot, we have completed the investment project and we are looking for a private investor to build an educational institution. We are finalizing the technical project for the reconstruction of Gargždai Culture Centre, as soon we will receive a construction permit, we will start the work.

The changes taking place in the park are already visible, this year there will be even more - paths will be built, a children's playground and lighting will be prepared. The new Gargždai bus station is also moving forward. The goal is for it to open its doors by the end of this year.

But for me, one of the most enjoyable projects of the past year is the participatory budget. Finally, residents can also contribute to part of the budget allocation. Launched in December, this project is already in full swing. We have already received many great ideas. The projects that have received the most support from people will be implemented by the municipality.

Social services and the growing demand for them, especially in rural areas, have led to the purchase of such services from non-governmental organizations and social business.

We also have not forgotten about the long-term goals of the district. We are finalizing a strategy for tourism, culture and the overall development of the district for the next ten years. And here I would like to thank the communities, institutions, administration and politicians for their sincere work on a strategy that does not put in a drawer but becomes a key commitment for future work.

I believe that reforms to make the public sector more efficient have also contributed to these results. We have implemented project management, we are implementing the LEAN methodology. Of course, not everything went as planned, we didn’t start everything we wanted. And there is still a lot of work to be done. But a new year, new plans. After all, for many years we have been among the municipalities where it is best to live. We will do our best to continue that way.

Contact person:

Rasa Grubliauskytė,
Chief Specialist of the Public Relations and Cooperation Department