A new call for stories to the Bulletin launched

The next Baltic Cities Bulletin will be devoted to gender mainstreaming.


Gender mainstreaming involves the integration of a gender perspective into the policy-making processes with a view to promoting equality between women and men, and combating discrimination. At the same time, it requires addressing the issue of representation of women and men in the given policy area. It is not a policy goal itself, but a means to achieve gender equality.

The UBC, since its beginning, has been committed to promote democratic values, including equality between men and women. Gender dimension has not yet, however, received an appropriate attention. There are still countries and cities where gender equality is not prioritized.

How would a portrait of a UBC city that takes gender equality into account in all of its policies look like?

The Editorial Board would like to invite the cities to share their experiences, challenges and plans on integration of the gender perspective in the policy-making.


The stories should be sent to by 30 September 2017.

The Baltic Cities Bulletin will be published online.

Full call text attached.