The new UBC Bulletin has been published

The autumn edtition of the Baltic Cities Bulletin is entitled “Inclusive and healthy cities”.

The stories prove clearly the urbanization creates opportunities, but at the same time inequalities and exclusion remain a challenge.
How can we prevent them? How can we ensure social, spatial and economic inclusion? Our cities share their experiences in the Bulletin’s pages.

The ideas range from sport competitions, planning of recreational areas that foster meetings, involvement of NGOs, senior’s call centres and volunteering to more comprehensive solutions. The latter implies reformulating the city’s policies and changing the way of thinking. Instead of care, support is offered to activate those from vulnerable groups as everyone has something to offer to the whole community. The cities create opportunities that shift people’s focus to cooperation for the common interest and welfare.  All these ideas pave the way to get everyone on board.

Also, the Bulletin brings the information on latest UBC meetings and activities, news from the member cities and more.

The paper version has been printed in 3400 copies and will be posted to the UBC members and the Baltic and European institutions and organisations next week but you can read it now online