Nominate candidates for the Baltic Sea Fund prize 2018

It is time to nominate candidates for the Baltic Sea award 2018.

The prize is awarded annually to a person, institution or organization which have carried out significant and outstanding contribution to the Baltic Sea environment.


The nominations shall be submitted before 16 November 2017.
The laureates receive their prizes at a solemn ceremony held in Mariehamn on 18 May 2018. Prize winners are announced one month before the award ceremony.


The Baltic Sea Fund, based on the Åland Islands, have for almost 30 years rewarded persons and institutions who have acted as forerunners in the protection of the Baltic Sea. All together more than 795.000 euros have been given out to 88 prizewinners from all around the Baltic Sea region. The award winner for this year was HELCOM Maritime Working Group for its work to reduce emissions from shipping in the Baltic Sea.

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