Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019

Nordic Place Branding Conference 2019 takes place on 3 April 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden.
Why come? It’ll be 200 people networking and listening to inspiring cases on digital marketing investment promotion, talent attraction, destination marketing and placemaking. Nordic and European places big and small.
A few examples:

  • Polar Bear Pitching in Oulu Finland - a creative initiative that contributed to putting Oulu's startup ecosystem on the world map
  • Valencia's 500M € break in city planning and how they turned it into an advantage
  • Sustainable co-living for talent
  • How Bilbao attracts talents digitally
  • How The Hague attracts people to live in the city for 30 days to test it
  • How Aarhus combined business tourism with the city's growth
  • How the Faroe Islands used the island's many sheep to attract visitors
  • How a national Chinese Research Council established its Nordic headquarters in Aalborg
  • What role Skellefteå's brand played in the establishment of Northvolt – one of the largest investments in the Nordics
  • ..and much more!

More information: