The Paavo Nurmi Games


The first Paavo Nurmi Games was arranged in 1957 as a birthday present to Nurmi on his 60th birthday. During his career Nurmi took 9 Olympic Gold medals and was among the first athletes to be nominated in the IAAF Hall of Fame. The tradition has gone on ever since and the event is held every year at the Paavo Nurmi Stadium named after the legendary runner.

Paavo Nurmi Games is expanding and evolving. Since 2017 the meeting will be a part of the IAAF World Challenge -series. Furthermore, various side events in celebration of Nurmi’s achievements, such as Paavo Nurmi Junior Games, Paavo’s Sports Day and Paavo Nurmi Marathon, will be held throughout the festival weeks.

Paavo Nurmi Games is part of the IAAF World Challenge -series.

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