Participate and co-create the programme of the XV UBC General Conference

We call upon member cities, commissions and other UBC structures, partner organisations, to join our General Conference in Kaunas, not only by participating but by co-creating the programme together.
The XV UBC General Conference in Kaunas, 15-18 October 2019, would focus on the questions of inclusiveness.

How to empower the citizens’ involvement and participation? We will try to outline the vision of the Inclusive City based on trust and dialogue between inhabitants and decision-makers. Also, the discussions would concern e.g. urbanization, digitalization, regional and European co-operation. Traditionally, the youth perspective will be included in all sessions and workshops. Culture as a driving force of the city development will be also on agenda.

Call for proposals

We warmly invite proposals for workshops which you would like to carry out at the GC in Kaunas.
While the topics are yours to choose, we suggest proposals which allow interactive discussion instead of being filled with (too) many speakers.

The UBC Executive Board wants to emphasize the role of youth – we want to listen to the voices of tomorrow. We appreciate if proposals for workshops/round tables include possibility to include youth representatives as speakers/panelists.

We would appreciate if you could send your preliminary proposals by 1 March 2019.


Member city: