Planning Cities Commission seeks for its seminars host cities

The UBC Planning Cities Commission calls the UBC member cities to sign up as hosts of the next seminars in 2019, 2020 and later!

The Commission organizes seminars/workshops together with 1-2 different UBC cities every year. This year the meeting will be held in Visby, Gotland in the end of October.

The Commission's template of work is very simple. The host city points out a theme, 2-3 workshop areas that are in focus in the local debate and then the architects and planners from the whole UBC network, fly in, work together and come up with proposals. After 2½ days (from Sunday evening until Wednesday morning), the results are presented to local politicians, colleagues, the press and sometimes also local NGO’s.

All parties benefit from mutual cooperation

During the seminar/workshop the participants learn from each other and we strengthen ther UBC network. The outcome for the host city is - of course - inspiration and good ideas from experts around the Baltic Sea that can enrich the local debate and the future city planning.

Through the years the Commission has organized more than 30 seminars/workshops, and it believes that every time its work made a difference in the development of the host city and for sure in the UBC network.

Working together with challenges that all cities share and finding solutions is valuable for everybody. Most often the questions on how to ensure an attractive city and a sustainable growth through specific land use and urban design proposals are faced.

Organisation & costs

The host city pays for venues, food and local transport, etc. These costs are subsidized by the Planning Cities Commission with funds from our common UBC budget. The participants pay their own travel and hotel cost.

Most seminars/workshops have 25-50 participants from outside and the cost for the host city is 10,000 - 20,000 EUR.


Come to Visby on 21–14 October and check by yourself!

More information:
Niels-Peter Mohr
Chairman of the UBC Planning Cities Commission
Municipality of Aarhus
Tel. +45 89 402620
Mobile: +45 2920 9469