Project “Increased initiative and capacity building regarding youth entrepreneurship”

Jurmala City Council is looking for partners to the project “Increased initiative and capacity building regarding youth entrepreneurship” in the framework of Erasmus+ programme (KA2) Strategic partnerships.

The partners could be a municipality or school (with youngster aged 16-20), or other institution who can involve youngsters. 

The main objectives of the project are:
- To foster youth entrepreneurship and active new business idea development;
- To raise creativeness, communication, cooperation and other competences of youngsters regarding business plan development;
- To facilitate the cooperation between local governments, youth and entrepreneurs;
- To raise the quality of youth work.The project main target group are active youngsters (aged 16-20) with interest in entrepreneurship and with new business ideas. Youngsters will be motivated and trained by business idea mentors who will help for the business ideas to become into business plans. There will be 5 youngsters and 1 mentor of reader of the youngsters from each partner organization, the core group will all together be 18 persons.

There will be three partners involved – Jurmala City Council (Latvia), Comitato Gemellaggi di Terracina (Italy), and one more partner. Another informal partner is Junior Achievement Latvia.

During the project three training sessions for youngsters will be organized. The first training seminar "Laboratory of Ideas" will gather the youngster whom ideas were selected in the project idea pre-selection. During the second training session “From idea to product" youngsters will have a practical insight into business idea development. During the third training session "My city - potential for growth" youngsters will learn how to present their business ideas. Each training session will be organized in each of the partner cities – Jurmala (Latvia), Terracina (Italy) and in one more city.
Each of the project partners have an important role in the project, because the project international team provides an opportunity for young people and all other participants (mentors, youth workers, local government representatives) to improve their knowledge and demonstrate skills, not only locally but also internationally, which is often important in business environment.

The budget will be around 8 000 – 10 000 EUR per partner, that includes ticket to travel to project events in other countries and costs for organizing food, accommodation and local transportation in project partner country, because there will be events in each of the partner cities. Plus there could be up to 1 500 EUR if your organization provides a lecturer or trainer who will help organizing the project activity content – business idea development, trainings, study visits to entrepreneurs etc. Altogether maximum budget per partner is 12 000 EUR. The project duration is planned 9 months.
Project partners are expected to participate in the project application preparation process. Please let me know if you have any questions.
The answers regarding interest is expected till October 2, 2018. The project application submission deadline is 04.10.2018.

Ieva Smildziņa
Jurmala City Council
Development Department
Project Unit
Deputy Head
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Jurmala, LV-2015, Latvia
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