Project proposal in the framework of the "Europe for Citizens" Programme

Union of Polish Organisations in Sweden and Kashubian Education Center „Vademe” invite to the project proposal called “Solidarity Remembrance”, which will utilise the LARP (Live Action Role Play) concept to present the role of the Solidarity movement during the late 1980s. The project was developed at the Making Waves seminar held in Gdańsk in October.

This project is to be executed within the EU programme for European Remembrance, which supports projects that reflect on the meaning and consequences of major historical turning points during the 20th century in Europe.

One of the topics and eligible commemoration within this EU programme is the topic of: “1989 – Democratic revolution in Central and Eastern Europe and the fall of the Berlin wall”.

In the project “Solidarity Remembrance”, it would be presented how the Solidarity movement contributed to the fall of the Berlin wall; it´s role in Poland, what changes transpired at the time in other Baltic countries, and how the concept of the solidarity movement was echoed in these countries at the time and until today.

All within EU interested to become a project partners are welcome to contact:

Teresa Sygnarek
Head of the Union of Polish Organisations in Sweden
Tel. + 46 704 935 915