Register to the Best Practices of Youth Guarantee Study Visit

The Best Practices of Youth Guarantee Study Visit will take place in Turku, Finland on 16-17 November 2017. It is meant for the UBC and Flagship S2W members who are working with the issues of youth guarantee, guidance and integration of the newly arrived refugees/immigrants. Registration is still open!
Participants of the study visit will learn the best practices of guidance and supporting young people in different phases of their lives and educational paths.

Prelimnary programme

On the first day the focus will be on NEETs and early school leavers but also on newly arrived immigrants and refugees. On the second day the program concentrates on vocational training: how to make it more attractive, new learning environments, new ways of teaching, learning and guiding.
Discussions, sharing, learning and transferring innovations are the key principles of this study visit.


The registration started on 18 September. The maximum number of visitors is 25.


Study visit is organised by City of Turku / Education Division, AboaNova project, UBC Task Force on Youth Employment and Well-Being and EUBSR FlagShip School to Work.

More information:
Matti Mäkelä

Head of the Project Management Office
Education Division
City of Turku
Tel. +358 449073166

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