Sauna Region Week

Photographer: Julia Kivelä
25.06.2022 to 02.07.2022

The Sauna Region Week offers both locals and travellers a wide variety of sauna experiences in different parts and saunas of the Jyväskylä Region, the Sauna Region of the World.

This annual summer event has dozens of various sauna events during the week. During the Sauna Region Week, you can enjoy, for example the warmth of the smoke sauna, pamper yourself in various sauna treatments, test tent sauna or other interesting saunas
in various locations. The week of events will end in the Sauna Heating World Championships.

Please note that the dates of the sauna events may change. Sauna events reserve the right to make changes to the programme. Every sauna event is taking care of their event by themselves.
Visit Jyväskylä Region is marketing the Sauna Region Week.

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