So. This is Christmas?

22.11.2018 to 02.12.2018

Finally - Fork is doing a Christmas show! Nowadays it seems to be somewhat of a platitude to renounce oneself from Christmas carols. Nevertheless, we all have our own favorites at the overflowing smorgasbord of Christmas songs. Fork's Christmas show is their attempt to find solace in their musician souls. Souls, that for decades have been mauled by inner Christmas-related controversies.

So… This is Christmas? is intended for the vast majority of the people who simply can't handle an entire Christmas concert but, during lonely December nights in department store elevators, actually enjoy the Christmas playlist. This humorous show is boasted with Forks' famous feel-good factor but, also unrestrained piety and devotion. What happens in Taidetehdas, stays in Taidetehdas.

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