01.11.2019 to 02.11.2019

Live Festival in Kristiansand
Sørveiv Live will consist of 40-45 artists from various countries. The most promising bands in the region will also be playing. The concerts will take place in different scenes in Kristiansand.
Sørveiv Conference is a music business conference, but it isn’t just any conference. Our ambition is to create an environment for free-flowing dialogue and debate, inviting some really smart people to talk openly about stuff that matters. Our goal is that our participants leave Sørveiv smarter than they were before, mixing up the traditional structure with short, regular keynotes, panels that allow questions and thoughts from the audience throughout, and ‘soapboxes’, where a guest is given ten-to-fifteen minutes to put forward an argument or an idea that requires a little more space to develop.

More information: https://www.visitnorway.com/places-to-go/southern-norway/kristiansand/ev...