Statutory UBC General Assembly convened in Växjö

During the XIV UBC General Conference, the statutory UBC General Assembly convened and, among other issues, elected UBC officials for the next two-year period.

UBC Executive Board 2017–2019
Næstved, Denmark
Elva, Estonia
Lahti, Finland
Rostock, Germany
Liepāja, Latvia
Tauragė, Lithuania
Kristiansand, Norway
Gdynia, Poland
St. Petersburg, Russia
Växjö, Sweden
Gdańsk, Poland – observer

President and Vice-Presidents 2017–2019
Per Bødker Andersen, City of Kolding – President
Marie-Louise Rönnmark, City of Umeå – 1st Vice-President
Mantas Jurgutis, City of Kaunas - Vice-President
Jarkko Virtanen, City of Turku - Vice-President

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