Tallinn University is looking for a partner

Tallinn University together with Estonian Business School in Estonia are planning to submit an application for BSR Interreg programme next call, which 1st idea description deadline is already on 15.01.2018.


Call description can be found here:

Partners are searched 

At the moment Vaasa University, Finland, from Denmark - Roskilde University, from Latvia - Riga Business School confirmed their interest. 
The topic is: new models to enhance industry-university-public sector collaboration by using crowdfunding (and crowdsourcing) principles. The idea is to use the knowledge of crowdfunding platforms to foster the knowledge spillover from academia to public and private sector. Meaning that usually the private company or small local government alone are not able to procure research from academia, but together with others it might be possible. 
The role of the local governments' representative organisation would primarily be twofold:
a) to be among the interest groups with whom to discuss and identify the main societal pitfalls and demand-driven perspective of the applied research projects and validate the usability of the research results. This means that they would participate in different discussions and networking events and be part of multi-stakeholder dialogue;
b) to pilot some concrete project in order to contribute to the development of the joint (crowd)funding and research communication digital infrastructure (i.e platform). This means to play through some case(s) in order to understand how the platform should work (this means contributing into desinging the processes).


The feedback is expected by 11 January 2018. 
Please, fill in the 'red' part of the file (just few sentences about the expertise and focus of your organisation/city). 
At this idea description phase the involvement doesn't mean any obligations to your organisation/city. If the Commission likes the idea and gives the possibility to do the final application (April, 9th), then the activities will be planned and shared more thoroughly.

More information in the attachment.