Territory Matters. What's beyond 2030 for Macro-Region?

Territory Matters. What`s beyond 2030 for Macro-Region?

VASAB Conference “Achieving Good Living Environment: territory matters. What`s beyond 2030 for macro-regions?”

Warsaw, Poland, 7 June 2016

Acknowledging the significant changes in the territorial and regional development trends, influencing quality of life of the citizens, countries, regions and cities have been looking for different solutions for those challenges, such as Urban Agenda of the EU, common territorial visions beyond administrative borders, integrated urban regeneration or thematic urban platforms.

The Conference will provide opportunity to compare and evaluate such approaches pursuing in the place-based manner. The event will also give the floor to open discussion on territorial and urban consequences for the Baltic Sea Region and other macro-regions beyond 2030.

Registration till 24 May 2016.

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Photo: VASAB workshop on urban revitalization Lodz 28 October 2015 by VASAB