UBC Cities leading the way to climate neutrality

The disclosure cycle for 2021 is now open!
It has already been five years since the launch of UBC-CDP cooperation, and we have a number of our member cities consistently reporting their environmental data demonstrating actions in climate change adaptation and mitigation in our region.

We would like to encourage all UBC to join/continue their environmental data reporting to showcase the climate leadership of the Baltic Sea Region. To kickstart your experience, there is a collection of guiding documents available for you. CDP organizes webinars for the cities who wish to know more about the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System, you are welcome to join these for know-how on how to disclose through the reporting platform.

Also, a webinar for the UBC cities will be hosted by CDP on 26 May 2021. Mark the date into your calendars, invitations will follow soon!

Disclosure cycle 2021

You can disclose your city’s environmental data from 6 April to 29 July 2021. If you disclose by the deadline, you will receive a score from CDP. This score will help you evaluate your city’s progress with the environmental work and disclosing activities. The initial score will then act as a foundation on which you can then start the actions to improve the environmental data collection and climate work.

Read more about the scoring: CDP Scoring Methodology 2021

The environmental data submitted by you to the CDP- ICLEI Unified Reporting System in 2021 will then by used by UBC to create this year’s state-of-play analysis and UBC-CDP cooperation report. UBC will be able to access the data only when you disclose publicly or if disclosed privately, give CDP the permission to share the data with UBC.

Highlighting actions from our member cities

UBC publishes every year a UBC-CDP cooperation report based on the data member cities disclose to CDP. The 2020 cooperation report “Scaling up for the next decade – UBC cities leading the way to climate neutrality” was published in February. This report continues the practice of highlighting the best practices from UBC member cities in their aim to become carbon neutral, reduce their city’s emissions or deal with climate hazards and adaptation processes.

Read more about the findings and the concrete actions from UBC cities climate actions from the UBC-CDP cooperation reports.