UBC delegation met the Government of St. Petersburg

On 29 November 2018, within the framework of the International Youth Forum of the Baltic Sea States, the Government of St. Petersburg hosted a round table on the strategic interaction of St. Petersburg with the Union of Baltic Cities.

The parties discussed the prospects for bilateral cooperation and identified priority areas for the next year. One of the main issues discussed at the round table was the meeting of the UBC Executive Board in St. Petersburg in March 2019.

The agenda of the meeting proposes to include the development of cooperation between the UBC cities, interaction with the international organizations of the Baltic Sea Region (in particular, the Council of the Baltic Sea States), participation of representatives of the Union of the Baltic Cities in the latest international events, the results of the UBC Commissions activities in such areas, as:

- strategic partnership and neighborhood policy;
- goals of sustainable development, ecology and urbanism;
- youth policy and development of talented youth;
- educational programs for young people and students of the Baltic Sea Region and St. Petersburg.

One of the first projects proposed for implementation is the “Clean Games”, team competitions for the collection and sorting of garbage, which are held in contaminated areas. The project has aroused active interest among the UBC representatives, as in the BSR countries wide attention is paid to both problems related to environmental pollution and problems of youth development, their social adaptation and the development of a constructive start.
In this regard, great attention was paid to the exchange of experience in the field of state youth policy and education, culture, interaction at the level of municipalities, the development of voluntary initiatives.
The parties noted a positive vector of negotiations and expressed hope for productive cooperation between the Government of St. Petersburg and the Union of the Baltic Cities in the long term, fruitful communication and successful implementation of joint projects.

The First International Youth Forum of the Baltic Sea

The First International Youth Forum of the Baltic Sea countries was held in St. Petersburg from 28 November to 2 December, with the support of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs. It initiated the establishment of friendly and mutually beneficial relations between the countries of the Baltic Sea Region and Saint-Petersburg in the areas of international youth policy, economics, education , ecology and urbanism. The total number of participants in the Forum was 150 people.

The Forum’s main operators were the St. Petersburg University of Management Technologies and Economics, the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg, the Union of Baltic Cities and the All-Russian Youth Organization “МИР”.

Leading Russian and Baltic experts in the field of youth policy, urban planning, diplomacy, education and economics took part in the round tables. The main directions of the forum were focused on strengthening cooperation in the field of geopolitical and humanitarian cooperation, issues of interaction between young people of Russia and the Baltic states, expansion of cooperation in the economic and educational fields, as well as issues of urban planning and implementation of joint projects in all of the above areas were discussed.
In the framework of the Forum, the participants developed fundamental directions for joint activities and resolutions, thereby initiating active and friendly interaction in the long term.

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