UBC Gender Equality Working Group is searching for new coordinators

For the last 4-5 years the Gender Equally Working Group has been trying to work horizontally in order to strive for mainstreaming gender equality -  in practice to get all other UBC Commissions to promote gender equality when possible. The Gender Equality Working Group has also arranged seminars/conferences to tackle the actual challenges faced in the promotion of gender equality.

Since 2015 the group has been co-ordinated by Helsinki and Gdańsk but with valuable help of active cities in the WG like Kalmar, Kristiansand, Liepāja, Panevėžys, Umeå and Örebro.

Now it is time to change the co-ordinating cities. Hanna Maidell is working only part-time. The group calls all Member Cities in the UBC to consider becoming the cities responsible for the co-ordination.
The distribution of the co-ordination task has been found very useful.

Once more the link to the Bulletin on gender mainstreaming here: https://issuu.com/unionofthebalticcities/docs/ubc_20bulletin_202_2017

More information:

Hanna Maidell
Tel. +358 40 6754896
e-mail: hanna.maidell@hel.fi

Member city: