UBC Safe Cities Commission met in Kaunas

Year 2017 for UBC Safe Cities Commission has started with the Commission meeting in Kaunas, Lithuania on January 11–13. Kaunas welcomed participants from Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania with real winter conditions. During three days safety specialists from different fields – municipal police, fire and rescue services, civil protection and other municipal institutions – discussed various issues.

Kaunas City Council and UBC Executive Board member Mantas Jurgutis welcomed everyone with insight into Kaunas city and possible safety issues in Kaunas. UBC Safe Cities Commission Chairman Kaspars Vārpiņš informed about latest information regarding UBC and other issues including project “Cities Resilient to Climate Change”. UBC Safe Cities Commission Vice-Chairman Torbjörn Lindström informed about upcoming project “FiRe Concept”.

Meeting was followed by planning of project initiative about data collection principles for civil protection prevention activities with following workshops organized by Head of Jelgava City Municipality Strategic Information Centre Gints Reinsons.

During the whole UBC Safe Cities Commission meeting, meaningful discussions about various safety topics took place. The main outcome of these discussions were, that for the next meeting, the civil protection topic should be chosen as a main topic.

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