UBC Safe Cities Commission met in Lahti

UBC Safe Cities Commission met in Lahti on 12-14 June 2018 to hold its first meeting of the year.

Youth safety issues, organizing of large-scale events, climate change and collaboration between institutions were the main topics of the meeting.

The meeting participants on the arrival day were warmly welcomed at the Lahti City Hall by Lahti Mayor Mika Mäkinen who expressed gratitute for the opportunity to share their safety challenges and experiences in safety issues.

Youth safety concerns today are the safety concerns for the whole society in the future

The first full working session was opened by the Chairman of the Lahti City Council Milla Bruneau. She emphasized that the Safe Cities Commission is a perfect platform for exchanging valuable experiences and that the feeling of safety in the city can be a great marketing tool.
The participants were informed about the regional government, health and social services reform in Finland. The information was followed by the presentation and discussions about the youth concerns regarding safety and security issues. It was decided to think and act about what we can do to make ther youth feel more safe and secure. As the Chair of the Lahti City Board Pekka Komu pointed out, youth safety concerns today are the safety concerns for the whole society in the future.
"At the moment we are planning activities to include youth representatives in providing the safety advices for youth in the topics what they care most and in the way they are easier to be connected".

How the security is made in Lahti

In the second part of the day the Commission had a field trip to Hollola where in the following weekend a large scale international orienteering relay competition “Jukolan Viesti” was to be organized with planned 20000 participants and 30000 spectators. It was presented how the security is made in such a large-scale event.
Also, the participants were informed about climate change, risks and vulnerabilities in the Europe. Later on the new police station in Hennala was visited and the information about the cooperation within Finnish authorities was presented. The UBC Safe Cities Commission meeting was concluded with demonstration/training of Finnish Police Rapid Response Unit.


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