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On 56 July 2017 in Nice, France, International Urban Development Association INTA will organise an Innovative City Forum, an international round-table focusing on “How middle-sized cities deliver innovative milieus”.
One stream of INTA activities is to question the process and assess the consequences of metropolisation of the urban systems in developed snd less developed countries: European countries are predominantly composed of medium- sized and small cities that want to exist vis-à-vis the big cities and metropolises blamed for overshadowing the innovation potential of the intermediate territories. The exclusive focus on large core cities is a too narrow policy to promote genuine economic and technological development, social wellbeing and environmental resilience.

Obstacles to overcome

These issues cover the formation and governance of metropolitan areas, the relationships with peripheral and intermediate territories and the rural association to the metropolitan growth.

INTA is convening, within the Innovative City Forum, an international round-table focusing on “How middle-sized cities deliver innovative milieus?” INTA hopes that speakers will provide useful responses to a series of questions: How do local authorities, in particular medium-sized cities, position themselves as facilitators and stimulators for innovation? What conditions enable the local public and private players of the territory to innovate? How can they create and sustain innovative and open ecosystems, bringing together the diversity of the players so that they can meet, understand and cooperate?

UBC member cities are encouraged to share experiences in promotion of innovative solutions during the Forum.

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