UBC Task Force’s report on Strategy implementation has come out

The key goal of the Kristiansand UBC Strategy for years 2009–2015 and its implementation was to ensure that UBC, as the leading city network in the Baltic Sea Region, meets the new requirements in the emerging cooperative structure of the Baltic Sea Region, with the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) emerging as the key framework for cooperation.

UBC wanted to ensure its relevance and operative capacity and continue to create added value for its member Cities.

General conference in Gdynia adopted the new strategic framework

The Gdynia General Conference in 2015 adopted a new UBC Strategic Framework 2016-2021. It defines the key outline and essential features of UBC and its work for the coming period including the aim, values and vision, as well as how we can attain the goals of the vision to create synergy and added value by working regionally and across borders.

In addition, the General Conference decided to adopt a concrete Action Plan 2016–2017 for the Executive Board and Presidium and member Cities. The Executive Board was called upon to ensure its implementation.

Task Force was nominated to guide the implementation process

Accordingly, the Executive Board nominated a Task Force consisting of representatives of member Cities (Kaunas, Kristiansand, Lahti, Växjö, chair Mikko Lohikoski, UBC Strategy coordinator), to make recommendations to the Executive Board on implementation.

Later, also the preparations of UBC General Conference in Växjö (October 2017) was entrusted to the Task Force, which met in Växjö (October 12–14, 2016).

The report of the Task Force as well as comments on the General Conference are attached and will be presented to the Executive Board in Stockholm 10 November 2016.